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 Gaul and Sharp

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PostSubject: Re: Gaul and Sharp   Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:47 pm

Did it again deleted my entire post drats. So to be terse now:
Sudgen believes that wall message which was written by Jacko,'The Juwes are The men that Will not
be Blamed for nothing. Upper case letters as given in PD report at the time but disputed by some. I quoted his foot note already. He moves through as an objective observer then adds a final opinion and in this case saying that chalk message was probably the only piece of real evidence the Ripper left behind! He does accept it as from the Rips' hand. Most experienced Ripper researchers believe it was written by the Ripper too.

Young Z (in my view) mentioned "female parts"in his '66 Confession. He did cut Bate's throat twice almost decapitating her.Then sending the letter itself was like what had been written about the Ripper in the 50's-60's period. It was later found by Sugden and others that Jack probably didn't write most if not all of the letters ascribed to him; Z had no way of knowing this,and this may have influenced him to write letters,etc. Even the bloody apron worn by one of the Rippers victims ( he had to have carried there and dropped it near the message-it fit perfectly with the missing section of the vicitim's apron) and found very near the wall message that night in Mitres Square(JTR claimed two victims that night all within an hour or so!) was like the Stine bloody shirt or this may have inspired Z. As per Dave Peterson Z expert witches did send 'bloody cloths' to threaten and scare their enemies. Zodiac seemed to be into the occult.

The from hell missive addresses to Lusk is probably the only one he did write, but even this is contraversial.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaul and Sharp   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:55 am

My sympathies. I've lost a few posts myself that way. I used to, when writing a long post, copy and paste it into notepad or something similar at regular intervals. That way if anything went wrong I didn't lose all of it.

There are certainly parallels that can be drawn between the Zodiac case and JTR. The ones that you have mentioned here I have mused on myself. I misread something in your last post which (half awake) made me start to think about something then I realised you hadn't even said it. Were the scrawled Riverside letters done in a fashion to mimic what I suppose from a child's perspective, you might term - blood writing?


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PostSubject: Re: Gaul and Sharp   Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:37 pm

You have a point there. Your thinking is sharp and to the point. Those '67 notes were written as you know on student's [i]three ring binder paper[/i]. Of course,those scrawls and writing overall appear to be written by a child or young student possibly in the form of 'blood writing' as you say. Z always seems to be doing something symbolic at times.
Note the karmic 'She HAD to die?'Of course,we casn't rule out young Z(in my view only it was Z) was also trying to disguise his true writng style.

It seems that for the first time he was experimenting with leaving a symbol- moniker. I refer people to Zodiac Vortex under News and the '67 notes ,where it seems there are three attempted spellings for the word Zodiac. It seems he decided then just to use a form of a Z on each note as per Document Expert Sherwood Morrill.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaul and Sharp   Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:17 pm


Several years ago when I said there was a Foxtail Flat at LB several said I was wrong and they had checked and there was no such place,etc.,etc.
In the LAPD reports it states a "foxtail" was found under Gaul's body. It could have been some sort of clue or 'link'to LB and this is just speculation,of course. I had also said the crime scene was a combo of the RS case and the LB case.
Click on the above. Even in the Napa Register Foxtail Flat is mentioned as fact. I even found it on a LB ranger map used for visitors!

I was told that hippies used to hang out at FTF in the 60's
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PostSubject: Re: Gaul and Sharp   

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Gaul and Sharp
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