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 Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973

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PostSubject: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:07 am

Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diabl in Feb 1973.

Will try to get some more info posted about this later on today or this evening. Obviously the fact she was found at MT DIABLO, is of interest. Also, a MALE ANONYMOUS CALLER, called her Father when she vanished, and told him that his daughter was dead. That could be like Z, who possibly wrote to Joseph Bates.

I couldnt find alot about her. Anyone familiar with her case?
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AK Wilks

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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:13 am

I also thought this could be a Zodiac case (and it may be) but someone was convicted for this crime.
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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:29 am

AK Wilks wrote:
I also thought this could be a Zodiac case (and it may be) but someone was convicted for this crime.

Thanks...thats interesting about the conviction, I didnt find anything about an arrest. Can you point me in the right direction?
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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:33 am

Someone posted this:

Elaine Davis--Seventeen year old abducted from her front porch in Walnut Creek on December 1, 1969. Her body was found 3 weeks later but not identified until 2001. Unsolved.

Patricia King--Twenty year old student strangled to death under the stadium bleachers at DVC on March 4, 1970. Unsolved.

Cosette Ellison--Fifteen year old abducted from her Moraga driveway on March 3,1970. Her body was found New Years Day 1971. Unsolved.

Maureen Field--Nineteen year old disappeared from Pleasant Hill Kmart November 14, 1972. Her body was found in February 1973. Killer convicted in that case.

Lisa Ann Beery--Oakland fifteen year old kidnapped, brutally murdered, and buried on a hillside on January 26, 1974. She was found in 1979. Killer convicted.

Cynthia Waxman--Eleven year old strangled blocks from her Moraga home on April 22, 1978. Killer identified years later post humously through DNA.

Tara Cossey-- Nine year old who disappeared from her San Pablo neighborhood on June 6, 1978. She has never been found.

Leona Roberts--Sixteen year old abducted from a friend's Rodeo apartment December 10, 1969. Her body was later found on a beach near Bolinas Lagoon. Unsolved.

There are many others. May we always remember, and God be with them.

But I cant find anything on an arrest. Notice how this person mentioned some people that were considered to be possible Z victims?
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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:35 am

Okay I found this on an old ZK messageboard post:

San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, February 21, 1973

Body of Girl Tentatively Identified

The body of a young woman found last week in a
culvert at the foot of Mount Diablo was tentatively
identified as that of 19-year-old Maureen Patricia
Field of Moraga, who had been missing since November

The Contra Costa county sheriff's office said the
woman was "apparently a victim of foul play."

Tentative identification was made through x-rays.

The body was found last Thursday afternoon in a
culvert off Morgan Territory road, just east of the
little community of Clayton.

Miss Field lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph A. Field of 268 Scofield drive, Moraga.

On December 8, her family reported receiving a
phone call from a man who said, "I'm calling about
your daughter. She is dead. I killed Her."

Employees of the K-Mart where Miss Field was
employed as a clerk said she told them a man with
black hair and mustache had been pestering her at the
store for a date.

They also said Miss Field often hitched rides
from the Pleasant Hill Store to her home.

San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, February 23, 1973

'Very Similar' Slayings of Contra Costa

An investigation has shown "many similarities"
in the murders of two teenage girls in Contra Costa
county, a sheriff's captain said yesterday.

But it appeared that the two slayings have no
relation to the murder spree in Santa Cruz county
which has claimed as many as six young female victims.

Captain Harry Derum said there were distinct
similarities in the murders of Maureen Field, 19, and
Cosette Ellison, 15, both of Moraga.

Miss Ellison disappeared March 3, 1970, after
getting off a school bus in front of her Canyon road
home. Her body was found 13 months later in the
Mount Diablo foothills south of Clayton.

The body of Miss Field, who disappeared Nov 14,
1972, was found last week in a culvert at the foot of
Mount Diablo. She was last seen outside a Pleasant
Hill discount store where she worked as a clerk.

A Contra Costa Sheriff's spokesman said last
night that investigators "don't believe there is any
connection" between the two murders and the rash of
slayings in Santa Cruz county.

Tom, as a follow up to Maureen Fields, see the following, apparently pulled from a newspaper report.


Oakland, CA July 23, 2001

Phillip J. Hughes Jr., 53, a former janitor, has served 21 years of a possible life sentence for Lisa Beery's murder and those of two Contra Costa women.


He was convicted in 1980 of the teen-ager's death, along with the 1972 rape, stabbing and strangulation of 19-year-old Maureen Field of Pleasant Hill, and the 1975 murder of Letitia Fagot, 25, of Walnut Creek.


Hughes abducted Field in 1972 while she was hitchhiking and took her to a remote area where he killed her.

I dug into this case a little because of the phone call her dad received, which really smacked me in the eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:45 pm

This case is definitely solved, and not ZODIAC-RELATED. Plus there was a rape involved.

But in researching it, I found some other names of victims in the area during that timeframe. I will leave this up here, but lock the thread, in case some people want to look at any of these victims names.

A hair or tiny fleck of dried blood could be the difference between another parole hearing or life in prison for a convicted serial killer.

Phillip Joseph Hughes, Jr., 57, is serving concurrent life sentences for killing three young women in the early 1970s, but investigators believe he may be responsible for other killings, including a 15-year-old Moraga girl who vanished in 1970.

The body of Cosette Ellison was identified by a then-new technique using an X-ray of the bones in her hand. Her case also has drawn in an old high school friend, now a BART police officer, who has been working with investigators.

Nearly a dozen girls and young women disappeared or were killed in Alameda and Contra Costa counties from 1969 to 1979. Hughes is at the top of the suspect list in at least seven of those cases.

"Philip Hughes was convicted of three homicides, but I'm 100 percent positive he is responsible for much more than that," said Paul Holes, supervising criminalist for the Contra Costa Sheriff's forensic services division.

"For any unsolved case from the late 1960s until the time of his arrest (in 1980), he will be considered until he's eliminated as a person of interest."

One of the earliest victims on the unsolved list, Ellison disappeared after school on March 3, 1970. She was a sophomore at Campolindo High, the same school Hughes and one of his victims, 19-year-old Maureen Field, attended earlier.

Like Field, who vanished in November 1972, Ellison's body was found in a ravine off Morgan Territory Road, south of Clayton.

Two of the three women Hughes was convicted of killing were petite brunettes, like Ellison and many of the victims on the unsolved case list. Most lived in the Lamorinda and Walnut Creek area. Others were from Rodeo and San Pablo.

Hughes, who is serving his time at the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo, didn't respond to several Times requests for an interview.

• • •

In 1980, Hughes was convicted of the 1974 stabbing death of 15-year-old Lisa Ann Beery of Oakland; the 1972 stabbing and strangulation of Field, a Pleasant Hill resident; and the 1975 murder of Letitia Fagot, 25, of Walnut Creek.

Police arrested Hughes, a 31-year-old janitor, after his wife, Suzanne Perrin, told Oakland police in July 1979 about the slayings, bringing an end to seven years of sadomasochistic sex rituals and rape murders.

Perrin testified during Hughes's trial that he wanted to kill a former girlfriend, but feared he was an obvious suspect, so he killed others in place of the petite brunette. "He wanted it to be someone who was close to Cathy's build and looks," Perrin testified.

She confessed to helping her husband dispose of the bodies of Beery and Field and to giving Hughes the names of four female coworkers, including Fagot, as "possible victims for murder."

She received immunity from prosecution for her testimony.

Field, the first victim among Hughes convictions, disappeared Nov. 14, 1972 after work at a Pleasant Hill K-Mart. Her body was found four months later. She had been stabbed and strangled.

Hughes and Perrin kidnapped Beery at knifepoint near her Montclair home on Jan. 26, 1974. The couple took her to an Oakland home where they were house-sitting and Perrin waited upstairs while Hughes stabbed and raped the Oakland choir girl. Police found her body, with Perrin's help, buried on a Rheem hillside in July 1979.

Fagot, Perrin's coworker at the French Bank of California in San Francisco, was found dead in her Los Cerros Avenue home in Walnut Creek on March, 19, 1975. She had been strangled with a cord and bludgeoned with a hammer.

In 1980, Hughes was sentenced to three concurrent terms of 21 years to life in prison. At the time, California's capital punishment law was not in effect and juries didn't have the option of recommending life in prison without parole. Hughes has been eligible for parole since 1986.

On July 25, 2001, a parole board gave Hughes a five-year denial of parole, the maximum allowed, after a hearing where representatives of the victim's families spoke.

Hughes hasn't participated in prison self-help opportunities or therapy since 1993 and psychiatric reports didn't support his release. One commissioner said the reports concluded Hughes has no feelings for others and no idea of society's norms.

• • •

"As soon as Phil came forward lots of cases were lumped at him," Holes said.

After his arrest, more than 15 California police agencies asked to question him regarding unsolved cases.

Just as new technology helped police identify Cosette, recent advances in DNA testing eliminated Hughes as a suspect in some cases, such as the 1978 strangulation of Armida Wiltsey at the Lafayette Reservoir.

In 2000, the crime lab notified detectives they now had the equipment to test evidence from the Wiltsey case. The next year, the lab ruled out Hughes as a source of the male DNA found underneath her fingernails, court records show.

But, while Hughes has been cleared in some cases, he remains a person of interest in seven others:

• Leona Roberts, 16, was last seen Nov. 10, 1969 in front of her boyfriend's apartment on Tormey Road in Rodeo. Her body was found at Bolinas Lagoon near Point Reyes on Dec. 28, 1969.

• Elaine Davis, 17, disappeared while baby-sitting her 3-year-old sister at their Pioneer Avenue home in Walnut Creek on Dec. 1, 1969. A body found floating off Light House Point in Santa Cruz in 1969 was exhumed in May 2001 and identified as Davis using dental records.

• Ellison was last seen about 3:30 p.m. March 3, 1970 in the driveway of her Canyon Road home in Moraga. Her remains were found Jan. 1, 1971 in a ravine off of Morgan Territory Road.

• Patricia King, 25, was found near the football stadium at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill on March 5, 1970. She was strangled with her leggings after an evening exercise class.

• Lisa Dickinson, 9, disappeared Sept. 5, 1976 while riding her bike from her home on Los Cerros Avenue in Walnut Creek toward Heather Farms Park. Her bike was found leaning against a tree inside the park, but the girl has never been found.

• Lou Ellen Burleigh, 21, of Walnut Creek vanished Sept. 11, 1977 on her way to a job interview at a Pleasant Hill shopping center on Contra Costa Boulevard.

• Tara Cossey, 9, was last seen while walking to the Pirelli's Liquor store in San Pablo to purchase a bag of sugar for her mother on June 6, 1979.

"Their families don't have closure, there's no justice," Holes said. "It always burns me that these people think they got away with it."

And there are the victims themselves.

"You see a picture of Cosette and you feel something," Holes said. "There's something that catches you -- they were robbed of life."

• • •

In the 1970s, other serial killers were at work in Northern California including the Zodiac and the I-5 Strangler, Roger Kibbe, but Holes isn't convinced that Hughes was inactive from 1975 until his arrest five years later

"There's very little crime in the Walnut Creek and Lamorinda areas," Holes said. "To me, it's more than a coincidence that housewives and young girls turned up missing or dead in a common area."

Sgt. Steve Warne, supervising investigator with the Sheriff's Office homicide division, said detectives periodically review cold cases, especially those most likely to be solved with new and developing technology.

It was a chance sighting of a poster marking some of that new technology used in the Ellison case that led Kim Garner, her friend and former classmate, to lend her knowledge to the investigation.

Ellison's body had been the first in Contra Costa to be identified using X-ray comparisons and the poster was created to commemorate the milestone

"My whole life, that had been in the back of my mind," Garner said. "It was weird, I'd do something like go horseback riding with my sister or go somewhere new and I'd think 'It's too bad Cosette couldn't be here.'"

At this point in Cosette's case, a break would likely come from the forensics lab, Warne said.

"Pretty much everything that exists in that case is related to the evidence. If there's some new technology that can develop any leads we'll dig back into it," he said.

"One more case could keep Hughes in jail," Hole said.
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PostSubject: Re: Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973   

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Maureen P. Field found at Mt Diablo in Feb 1973
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