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 A Guy Named Ken

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PostSubject: A Guy Named Ken   Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:13 pm

I have a POI that is named Ken. I can not mention his last name,though it is present on the Halloween card(2 times) and spelled on the alphabet wheel when linking crime scenes to the MAP of the phillips 66 instructions.
the Zodiac 'symbol 'itself is a word(NOUN) Ken, in Norse, which means VIEW and SIGHT
Kens full name is in stavless runes in the excorcist letter which overlays the 'V' key of the halloween card.
On tthe Halloween card as well, starting in the Paradice Slaves key where the one word 'by' is different from the rest(suggesting a first letter ) and the rest of the 'By' words suggest the last letter, starting at the SW quadrant of that key you can spell"
first letter: K
the next quad,NW, is last letter: E
the NE quad last letter is N
the SE quad,last letter is E
KENE or word play: KENNY?
From: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ken
Definition of KEN
a : the range of vision
b : sight, view <'tis double death to drown in ken of shore — Shakespeare>
: the range of perception, understanding, or knowledge <abstract words that are beyond the ken of young children.

Ken can also be spelled in ENGLISH by arranging the Staveless runes to make the letters K,E,N(no left over peices)

It is my Opinion that the Zodiac Symbol(Celtic Cross) simply means KEN. What I know of my POI, I am confident he created this GAME .

the Shakespeare quaote: 'tis double death to drown in ken of shore ' makes me think of the 'Water' factor.
An old song by Looking Glass is one of my POI's favorites; Brandy...which he may be ferering to when he sings it: Brand E. I am confident my POI's 'E' is a brand and trademark 'E' for that matter, you can see my handwritting comparisons showing the 'E'here:

I have been trackig my POI's movements back to 66. At one time ,this POI went to Colorado (he was mad about a bogus hunt) and left behind some Items which I believe are Zodiac related. Since of course, he was using the TISOTGH hunt as a 'cover',even long after it ended, this can mean nothing to most of you. remember those gloves Zodiac left in Pauls cab? What about those suits that seek more? A Set?
Set is an occult. Read the email from a woman named Roxy here(lower part of page), Intersting is the Logic Links Never Used and the Gloves found in a Ziploc. Also, posters like the one Seagull found for me:

Heres the letter in Quote from this site http://newsandbull.com/treasure.html which references my POI directly(he told me of this incident and I located this reference to it after the fact) and his friend Jim:
An email from a fellow searcher about her visit to the burial site at the Tennessee Pass:

Rick, There was a large hole, filled with posters, and some puzzles (at least that's what I took them to be) wrapped in plastic and cards in Ziplock bags. Across the top of the hole were tree branches and on top of the branches were stones and rocks. It looked like someone was trying to protect the "buried" things from the elements, but at the same time still leaving them visible. In the middle of the pile of rocks was a wooden cross that said, "TREASURE," and I think the back said "RIP."

This whole area was surrounded by neon pink ribbon strung from tree-to-tree, as in a crime scene. The particular tree that Nick & Tony supposedly used as a guide had a tiny gold metal plaque on which was engraved "Bullsh*t" and underneath the words "Jim 8 Ken"---don't know if that means Jim Aitken, or the "8" is as close as they could get to engraving "&"... or who knows...

Attached to the same tree was a rather large sign on neon yellow poster board that was enclosed in plastic. It read," Golden Horse Sh*t" and underneath, "Do Not Dig Too Deep." One of the cards enclosed in a Ziplock in the grave was addressed "To All Treasure Contestants" (I think) and it was a New Age type card with a flying horse on the front. The inside read, "May the HORSE be with you" and it was signed, "The Fraud Squad" or some such thing.

In another Ziplock was a pair of black gloves. The Ziplock read, "Beware of the man who is also a bird"... Still another baggie had some sort of map of CO, with the words "GOLD MINE" pasted on the front of the map. On the baggie was written, "In Memory of Elijah Cook" By far the strangest was an extremely large neon pink poster board, covered in plastic and scrolled up. It was a collage of sorts---- words snipped out of newspapers and magazines--- all seemingly placed to make messages. The things I can see on my photo most vividly are (we're in the process of moving, and my better shots are packed at the moment), "It's Never Too Late," "More to Do" "Find the real reasons" "Coming back to make case" "Suit seeks more" "Agree to arbitration" "Work Together" and "Feel sympathy for the scientist." "He's the charmed one"..." a metal god does have a voice" "Unlimited gold" "Can be had" "for a price" "greatest collaboration" "a small disaster" "interpretation falls short" These are about 1/2 of the phrases...... They can be strung together in many different ways, obviously.

Additionally, there was one of those black "FOR SALE" signs (with red letters) that people buy when they want to sell their home by owner or put in the back window of their car... But in the white space where you would normally write the price or a phone number, this sign had a series of shapes---like the rabbit card--- and letters were filled in so that the entire sign read:


So, that's about all I can remember without actually seeing my more detailed photos. Have you been there? Do you know anybody who has been? This absolutely blew me away. I somehow didn't expect to find all of this. I don't know what I expected, but not this!!! What do you make of this??? Any ideas who could've done it or, more importantly, WHY??????????????? Your website was listed somewhere---maybe on the back side of that big poster ... I can't remember exactly where...the big blackmail type poster did say "Finally a plan for the rest of us" and "The Internet site to start your education" but I know your site was NOT listed on the front. Any ideas?????????????

Thanks! Roxy

It is very hard to convince LE of a persons possible involment in a murder case this old. I have linked my POI in several ways, and think his works resemble Zodiac works, The Gloves resemble something Zodiac would do to leave us some CLEWS.

In this thread, http://zodiackillersite.forummotion.com/t1395-searching-for-a-topic-discussed Seagull found the reference poster similar to that poster my POI left behind,which is mentioned above in the Roxy Email.Finding Roxy and her photoswould be nice.

Though I can only refer to my POI as Ken,because his name is found in the clues and is a common NORSE NOUN (the only NAME thats accepted by Scrabble as a word) found throughout Zodiac clues. I continue to try to tie him to the TYPE of things Zodiac would have done, Notice how Zodiac said he would never give his name,yet claimed it was hidden in the my name code?. I hope using 'KEN' is not a violation here, since it is clearly found in the evidence. I am not sure I can legally say his last name though, until he is named as a suspect. Once this occurs, I will show you all what I sent LE.
The my name code"
AEN*K*M*&NAM my use of &= Aries symbol (this is not how it looked on the letter) *= the Allele synbol from biology

When Alleleing the K and A you also allelle the M and M, The Aries symbol alleles left or right to the end or beggining. In this case, as a Silent 'e'(air e) . Once doing this allele process as the Aries symbol itself suggests(as do the allele symbols) we get 'KEN AM NAME'

It is obvious KEN is planted in the Zodiac clues.

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PostSubject: Re: A Guy Named Ken   Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:28 pm

Timecop, you obviously have put a lot of thought into your suspect. I'm going to need to think about what you've come up with for a bit. Trying to wrap my head around what you propose. One thing though that I thought of after reading Roxy's email is that she happened upon one of those geo-caching spots.
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PostSubject: Re: A Guy Named Ken   Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:15 am

Quote :
"May the HORSE be with you"

Presumably this dates anything concerned to 1977 or later? Or at least to the moment of burying?

FWIW - Dow named their product Ziploc and started to market it in 1968.

EDIT: Also FWIW "Ken" is the Scottish word for "Understand?"

Quote :
Attached to the same tree was a rather large sign on neon yellow poster board that was enclosed in plastic. It read," Golden Horse Sh*t" and underneath, "Do Not Dig Too Deep." One of the cards enclosed in a Ziplock in the grave was addressed "To All Treasure Contestants" (I think) and it was a New Age type card with a flying horse on the front. The inside read, "May the HORSE be with you" and it was signed, "The Fraud Squad" or some such thing.

Hmm the "flying Squad"?



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PostSubject: Re: A Guy Named Ken   

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A Guy Named Ken
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